Monday, August 31, 2009

Yes we are still all here:)

So I have not had time to blog in awhile. Honestly sometimes I do not have time to use the bathroom it seems:) No I am just kidding. We have had a busy summer. We have traveled around here quite a bit enjoying the beach, parks, the zoos and this last week Valleyfair. The kids start school Tuesday and I am a little sad. I like having them home and being able to go do things as a family. With me working weekends during the school year it is hard to have a lot of family outings. But the kids are excited to see their friends and get back to school. Nathan is in 4th grade, Brian in 3rd, Matthew in K and Megan will go to the Children's Farm Preschool a couple of afternoons. This will be the first time in 10 years I will have times at home with no kids it makes me feel old:) So will try to keep up the Blog since now I should have some time on my hands. Hope everyone out there is doing well!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our New "Baby"

Hello all hope that spring is treating you all well:) It finally feels like it is here in Hudson. We are getting ready to celebrate Easter with family and friends. The big news for us is we adopted a little chi-pom puppy named Bella. She is black and white and soooo sweet. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her. She is tiny and cute and does not Yap yeah!

So far we have not noticed any major allergy issues with Court. We take here everywhere and she stops the show with her cuteness and how cuddly she is. Needless to say the kids fight over who gets to hold her and who loves her:) Hope you are all doing well and I will attach pictures.
Yes she has a sweater she was so little when we got her and would get so cold going out to go to the bathroom. Now that she is 2 pounds and it is warmer she does not need it:)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My monthly post

So here is my monthly post. It has been a busy month. We had spring break really early at the beginning of March. We decided to truly relax and stay around here. We went to a hotel by the MOA for a couple of days and swim. We also did the rides and underwater tour at the MOA. It was nice not to have a crazy spring break. The pictures I will attach are of spring break.

We also celebrated Megan's 3rd birthday on March 12th. I can not believe she is 3. We had a party at the Giggle Factory (big indoor play area) for her little girlfriends. Then we had a family party and she got Smores, her animatronic horse from Grandpa and Grandma Glaus the horse is eerily life like. It makes walking sounds when you sit on it and moves its head. It has noise, light and touch sensors and will move, whinny and eat a carrot. It is so life like it gets put to sleep at night (code for we turn it off so it does not move and freak us out)! Megan of course loves it and we have to "wake Smores up" every morning before breakfast.

The kids are looking forward to summer and going to camp, swimming and all the fun summer involves. We look forward to lots of fun as a family. Hope you are all doing well nothing else exciting to say right now:) To explain the pictures the one of the kids by the pool yes they are doing the YMCA sign. The beautiful princess cake is from Grandma Rita THANK YOU it was almost to pretty to eat. Finally the last one is Megan kissing Smores.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Long time no post:)

Hello to all and Happy (very late) New Year!!

So far 2009 has been good. We are all healthy and the kids have been enjoying all the snow. We have had a lot of fun going sledding and playing outside. The kids got a Wii for Christmas (Thanks to G&G Glaus) they love it and Mom and Dad have had fun too. Mom has had many a laugh watching Dad do Dancing With the Stars. For those of you who know Court it is a very fun and entertaining thing to watch:)

The kids are continuing to grow like weeds. Megan is almost 3 and thanks to Grandpa Bear and Grandma Rita she is getting her one true b-day wish....a horse. Alas it is not a real horse that poops, but it is called fur real pony. He does "talk", move, eat and she can ride him. It is pretty cool and what she really wanted. I will post pictures after her b-day party this weekend. Now if only Mommy could get a horse for her birthday.

Brian also has a birthday coming up and will be 8 in April. Brian is finishing 2nd grade and doing great. He is still my funny, outgoing little heart breaker with the girls. Nathan is almost 10 and loves 3rd grade, basketball, Lego's and occasionally girls. Trouble I mean Matthew is 5 and will start kindergarten in the fall and he is so excited. He loves prek, his friends, Lego's, and driving Brian crazy. Megan will go to preschool in the fall at a Farm Preschool with animals, real horses to ride, homemade snack everyday and lots of art. I wish there was a school like that for Mommies.

Court is looking into schools to finish his degree. He is getting used to being at home and it is nice (usually) to have him here. He is going to miss all his family time when this economic crisis gets better and he is back in the rat race. Until then he is going to go to school part time and be the best husband and father in the world so we can buy him a trophy to go with the MVP one he got at Ameriprise a month before he was let go. No I have no resentment towards Ameriprise, well maybe just a little:)

We are looking forward to spring break and some day trips as a family. We will keep you posted on any new exciting news as it happens. Take care and enjoy your family time!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Happy Holidays Everyone!!
Well the kids are on a 2 week break and I am looking foward to having some time with them. With working weekends and them in school we do not get to go on many day trips. I am looking foward to going to the zoo, doing crafts, sledding and all that. I will try to post some christmas pictures in the next day. We also have dodged the sant_ bullet again this year so we still have the fun of that for christmas morning. Soon enough I know that the jig will be up if you know what I mean:)

We also joined the computer elite in the past 2 weeks and joined facebook. For those of you not on yet it is a fun way to see and "talk" to people you have not been able to for a long time. It is also a way for high school classmates to post interesting and embarrasing pictures of you Yeah! If you do join or already are a member have someone send you an animal or tree for a farm. The farm is my favorite part but someone had to send you something so you can join the farm groupies.

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season and snow as we are at my house. We went sledding last week and Megan is finally old enough to really enjoy it. It was such much fun seeing her having a good time with her brothers and going down the hill. I will try to write again soon, it is amazing how fast time flies!

Friday, November 21, 2008


So for those who know me well, yes I have my christmas decorations and lights up. I like to blame the kids and how excited they are for the holidays but I love it just as much as they do. Christmas was my Moms favorite holiday and it was always a special time for us. I will post a picture soon of the house. We are settled in and set up the train set in the storage room for the kids. The kids love the new house and have settled in nicely to the new house and routine.

Court is finding financial services is not the place to be looking for a job. He also has ruled out doing daycare in our home our children are enough fun for him:) So he may go back to school, we are just praying that he finds the right choice and is happy. Hope you are all getting ready for the holidays and enjoying the season too. I will write again soon and post pictures.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Tribute to Maggie

As many of you know we lost our Shih Tzu Maggie a Sept 15th. Maggie went blind late this summer in one eye. She then lost the vision in her other eye a few weeks ago. We noticed she could not find us and startled when we came up to her. We took her to the vet and were told she had a brain tumor. We made the difficult decision to put her to sleep. It has been very hard not having her she was our first baby and almost 11 years old.

Moving has made it hard for me as I feel as I am leaving her behind. She was a great dog and we loved her very much. I still look for her everyday. Megan has had a hard time she is young enough to not understand why Maggie is not coming home. I still can not eat ice cream without looking for her to give her some it was as those of you who knew her, her favorite treat. We know she is with my Mom now and as Brian said "Grandma Banana can finally see Maggie" We love you Maggie xoxoxox